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SCMALL- SAP SCM Logistics Complete User

$ 399.00

Accelerate your Career

  • Prepare for SAP SCM/Logistics Certificate
  • Become a Professional SAP SCM Supply Chain Management User
  • Study SAP SCM Online
  • You Get:
    • SAP Certificate
    • Full Support
    • 1 Year Unlimited Access
    • No Prior SAP Skills Required
    • Money Back Guarantee

Complete all-you-need SAP SCM User Package

SCM-ALL Package includes;

  • Complete SCM-User Training
  • Sales & Distribution (SD), Materials Management Procurement & Stock (MM)
  • Production Planning (PP), Project Management (PS), Maintenance Planning (PM)
  • SAP Introduction
  • Validated SAP Certificate
  • Study Plan Learning Path
  • Support
  • Chat-Room
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Open Anywhere, Anytime
  • 275+SAP SCM Learning Objects
  • 75+ Hours Training

SAP SCM Demo – Try Free SAP Lesson:

Create SD sales order (SAP1-01)

Print SD sales order (SD01-03)


SCM-All is automatically updated when new SCM/PLM courses are released.
This update is free.

Product Description

Number Title
SAP1 SAP Introduction 1 (SAP Overview End-to-End Integration)
SAP2 SAP Introduction 2 (SAP User Navigation)
SD01 SAP SD Sales and Distribution Introduction (User)
SD02 SAP SD Sales Advanced 1 (User)
SD03 SAP SD Sales Advanced 2 (User)
MM01 SAP MM Procurement (User)
MM02 SAP MM Procurement Contract (User)
MM03 SAP MM Physical Inventory (User)
MM04 SAP MM Inventory Stock Management (User)
PM1 SAP PM Plant Maintenance Basic (User)
PM2 SAP PM Plant Maintenance Advanced (User)
PP1 BONUS:  SAP PP Production Planning and Execution (User)
PS1 BONUS:  SAP PS Project Management (User)


SAP SCM Demo – Try Free SAP Lesson:

Create SD sales order (SAP1-01)

Print SD sales order (SD01-03)

Create PM maintenance notification (PM1-10)

Additional Information


75 hours training CPE. Unlimited access for 1 year.

Target Audience

SAP SCM/PLM Supply Chain Planning and Logistics Users. Anyone with the ambition to be a professional SAP SCM User. No prior SAP skills required. No special software required.


None. No prior SAP skills required. No special software required.

SAP Version


SAP eLearning

SAP eLearning is true SAP Learning-by-Doing. You work in real SAP screens and you experience SAP hands-on. It’s easy to register and you start learning SAP straight away. Your SAP classroom is always open and you can retake SAP lessons unlimited.
SAP eLearning comes with full Money Back Guarantee. Register and try SAP eLearning for 15 days. If you are not satisfied with your online SAP training course, simply send a mail [email protected] and get a full refund.

Payment Options

(1) Credit Card
(2) PayPal
(3) My Company Pays. Start immediately. Com2Learn sends Invoice to your company

SAP Certificate

Yes. International Valid and ID Validated SAP Certificate is Included