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SAP Message Mapping – Online Training eLearning Course – NEW!

$ 399.00

Product Description

If you have ever performed any message mappings, you know the challenges that come with them. Mapping is simple to get started with, but you will soon end up making more complex mappings where you are required to understand queues and contexts. This training course will help you gain a deeper understanding of queues and the development of User Defined Functions.

The training also covers Java mappings and XSL mappings, so you can simplify some of the mappings.

  • 4 hours lecture (video)
  • 10 modules
  • Unlimited access

This Professional SAP Mapping Course is designed for IT Professionals aspiring to enter the professional world of SAP.

Company users can use this to ramp up the entry level employees (freshers) and be assured that they can be productive immediately after the course.


This SAP PI/PO Mapping Course:

Enables you to perform complex mappings that you need to complete in order to solve business needs.

Why is mapping important?

If you want to perform any good integration, you will probably end up developing mappings. The first mappings you make will be simple, but you will soon end up with complex mappings. If you don’t have the tools to make the mappings simple, then you end up with an impossible task. With this course, you should be able to understand the tools for complex mappings, and the methods used to make them work.

SAP Mapping Course

5 things you must know before you can do any mapping:1. Contexts
2. Using the standard functions
3. Knowing how to test mappings
4. The way datatypes and message mappings relate to mappings
5. UDF development and how to handle queues in them
6. Java and XSL(T) and when they make sense

The Audience

You can make use of this training even if you are an SAP PI/PO developer who needs to perform mappings often. If you have run into any challenges with message mappings, and don’t know how to get around them, then this is a good way of getting started.
This training course is for you if you value your time, and want to learn with one of the top experts in the field of SAP Integration.

The training consists of standalone modules that you can complete in the desired order.

The course consists of approximately 4 hours of content. It is recommended that you spend some more time getting to know the different techniques.
The following modules are included:

-Module 1 Introduction
-Module 2 Message Mapping
-Module 3 Queues
-Module 4 Built-in functions
-Module 5 Signature
-Module 6 Operation Mapping
-Module 7 User Defined Functions
-Module 8 Best Practice Mapping Patterns
-Module 9 Java Mapping
-Module 10 XSL Mapping

You receive all the videos, and you will be able to go back to them whenever you’d like. You receive unlimited access to these videos, forever!