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SAP Business Workflow Online Training eLearning Course – NEW!

$ 399.00

Product Description

  • 10 hours SAP Workflow lecture (video)
  • 10 hours SAP Workflow system demo (video)
  • 19 SAP Workflow Chapters
  • 3 months access to SAP Workflow eLearning
  • 30 days LiveSAP sandbox included

This is an Interactive SAP Workflow course on Implementing and Maintaining SAP Business Workflow

The course considers a real life business scenario – Workflow for Loan Application Evaluation – to help you acquire complete skills of SAP Business workflow

We will start with a good understanding of workflow, proceed to learn the technical constructs of SAP Business workflow. We will proceed to develop the solution for the business case after conducting some thorough requirement analysis and developing a robust design for it.

Workflows are an integral part of day-to-day business activities and hence require continuous monitoring and improvement. The second part of the course will explain the various methods to monitor workflows, diagnose issues and improve them.

About 10 hours of lecture and another 10 hours of system demo is delivered during the course.
This is a SAP eLearning course that can be accessed 24 X 7. Access 3 months.




There are 19 Chapters this course. Each Chapter is planned to focus on a specific topic about workflows .The Chapters are designed with detailed interactive explanation of a topic , followed by System demos, and a Quiz to help you check your knowledge


The first 3 Chapters focus on the topics , what is a workflow , what is its importance in the context of Business Process Execution , and , what are features that a software must provide to define and execute workflows. These Chapters help you understand why workflows are important and hence have become an essential piece of Business Process Execution


The next 3 Chapters help you understand the capabilities of SAP Business Workflow. And the most important tools that you use to develop and test workflows in an SAP System. You will be given a detailed overview about the tools, The Workflow Builder, and the Business Object Builder. These Chapters enable you to describe the different tools in SAP that support Workflow development and execution.


Chapter 7 on Workflow Customizing, enables you to set up workflow environment in an SAP system. The Chapter provides the step by step detail about the configuration activities, you must carry out to set up Workflow Environment in an SAP System


Chapter 8 Workflow Consturcts, gets your hands dirty, where it involves you in developing simple workflows using the basic workflow step types.


Chapters 9 & 10, Introduction Business Object types and Control flow within SAP, explains how application data is accessed by Workflow via Business Object Types


Chapter 11, Advanced Workflow Step types, help you to write simple but complete workflow steps where you get used to develop workflows to access Application Data.


Chapter 12 defines the business case for loan application evaluation. This emulates a real life scenario. The


Chapters 13 to 17 help you analyze the business case, design a good solution and implement the SAP Business Workflow for the business case. Chapter 16 also explains the ways to enhance the business objects to meet the business requirements of the case.


Chapter 18 elaborates on how to test a workflow and how you use Workflow log to understand the different execution paths the workflow has taken at run time.


After you implement workflows , you must know how to monitor workflows in a Productive environment. The Chapter 19 explains the tools in SAP that help us in carrying out Workflow Monitoring Activities.
This SAP-WORKFLOW course is video based and provided by reliable and fully licensed third party provider in collaboration