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SAP B2B Add-On – Online Training eLearning Course – NEW!

$ 399.00

Product Description

This is the first ever online course covering the subject of the new B2B add-on. The training consists of approximately 2 hours of video material.

The course will help you get started with using the B2B add-on. After a comprehensive overview, you will learn how to use all the relevant components. Furthermore, you will gain access to valuable resources. This is a comprehensive course for those who want to start doing B2B integration ASAP.

  • 2 hours lecture (video)
  • 8 modules
  • 6 months access

This Professional SAP B2B Add-on Course is designed for IT Professionals aspiring to enter the professional world of SAP.

Company users can use this to ramp up the entry level employees (freshers) and be assured that they can be productive immediately after the course.


This B2B Add-on Course:

The course will enable you to use the B2B add-on effectively. The training covers all the important aspects of the tool, without which you would not be able to do any B2B integration.

The benefits of the course:

  • You will learn how to use the B2B add-on at an accelerated pace
  • The program will teach you how to use all the relevant components
  • You will not have to spend time looking for resources, as the course is both comprehensive and easy

B2B integration deals with receiving messages from business partners. The course will show you how to:

  • split messages
  • send messages to the relevant communication channels
  • map messages to an EDI


The course will also enable you to:

  • use the Trading Partner Management (TPM) function to handle all the transactions that come in
  • create controls
  • create 997 messages

The course will teach you how to use the search module and the AS2 adapter for secure communication with your business partners.   The last module will show you how to archive messages, and how to receive them in a specific structure. You can see the structure of your business partners’ PO system, therefore you can determine when a specific message was sent from a partner to your system.

The B2B add-on course consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Overview

You will learn what EDI is, while also getting accustomed to different standards. The resources for installing and running the system are provided in this module.

Module 2: XML to EDI – Outgoing Scenarios

You will learn how to send an EDI document using EDIFACT scenarios. You will create a mapping, map the required fields, then convert the document.

Module 3: EDI to XML – Incoming Scenarios

You will learn how to split a document, find the correct message, and map it. You will also learn how to set up the CONTRL/997 message to keep your partners informed.

Module 4: Number Range

This module will help you define a number for outgoing messages in the PO system.

Module 5: Trading Partner Management

You will learn how to control your infrastructure of B2B mappings using this tool, which makes it possible to re-use mappings, and share the information.

Module 6: Searching and Monitoring

You will learn how to search for the messages you are sending or receiving.

Module 7: AS2 Adapter

This adapter often causes confusion.

Module 7 aims to demystify the AS2 adapter.

Module 8: Archiving

You will learn how to save files in specific directories, based on the information provided by trading partners. Each partner’s messages can have their own directory.

You will receive approximately 2 hours of video material detailing all there is to know about the B2B add-on.