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ABAP SAP Online Training eLearning Course – NEW!

$ 499.00

Product Description

  • 40 hours ABAP lecture (video)
  • 40 hours ABAP system demo (video)
  • Module 1: ABAP Programming
  • Module 2: Building ERP Application
  • Module 3: ABAP Professional Activities
  • 6 months access to ABAP eLearning
  • 30 days LiveSAP sandbox included

This Professional ABAP Course is designed for IT Professionals aspiring to enter the professional world of SAP.

Company users can use this to ramp up the entry level employees (freshers) and be assured that they can be productive immediately after the course.

The course can be taken by anyone with keen interest to work with Business Application and with affinity towards technical development. It will involve programming, however prior programming experience is not required.

Starting with the basics of ABAP Programming (coding) the course covers all the key activities of ABAP Professionals – Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms.

A mini ERP application will be developed during the course. This would mimic standard SAP ERP Applications in many aspects. All the contents revolve around this business application. This establishes a strong foundation for entrants building their career with business applications.

An important aspects for entrants is to understand the professional ways of working. The course also covers ASAP methodology and follows it for all the implementations.

About 40 hours of lecture and another 40 hours of system demo is delivered during the course. This is an eLearning course that can be accessed 24 X 7. Access 6 months.



There are 18 chapters in this course that are grouped into 3 modules.

  Module I – ABAP Programming

The first 3 chapters provide a broad picture of the professional world, and help with setup of the environment to begin ABAP Development.
The next 5 chapters explain ABAP programming. Simple and academic examples are used during these chapters.

  Module II – Building ERP Application

The 9th chapter explains the business case emulating a real life scenario. The requirement would be to develop a simple application to capture sales orders, customers and products for an hi-tech company. Rest of the course will focus on addressing the requirements of this business case.
We will setup the data model for the business case during the 10th chapter. That will also cover how it is done in ABAP.
The 11th and 12th chapter explain database programming.
We will develop the transactions for the business case in the 13th chapter. We will follow professionals ways of working for that.

  Module III – ABAP Professional Activities

Chapters 14 to 18 explain the professional activities performed by ABAP professionals.
A very detailed explanation is provided for Reports, Forms and Interfaces. We extend the same business case to understand these concepts. We also apply ASAP methodology to develop them during the course.
One of the important tools used for conversions (data migration) – LSMW – is explained in the 17th chapter.
Options and tools available to enhance standard SAP Applications is discussed in the 18th chapter.
We will have quiz at the end of every chapter. This is intended to help one with the chapter revision. These scores are not considered for final certification. Certification will be issued considering only the scores of the final quiz.
This SAP-ABAP course is video based and provided by reliable and fully licensed third party provider in collaboration